"Great scones...much enjoyed and quickly eaten by all...just the way they should be...moist and cakey." -  Julia Child 

 "Your scones are absolutely spectacularly wonderful!....thoroughly enjoyed them....reminded me of my childhood in Scotland...I just think they are first rate!" Irena Chalmers, Former President of International Association of Culinary Professionals (IACP), currently British IACP Member &  New York Food Critic.

 "Just like my mother made (in England!!)" – David Evans

"Best thing I've tasted here" – Barbara Gibbs Ostmann, New York Times Food Critic & Syndicated Food Columnist attending IACP

"I've always hated scones – and I love yours!" Suzanne Hough, Food Critic

"Very good – not too sweet – Will take the place of biscotti with espresso." – Pat Gouvenier

"Fabulous!!" Carol Doty, Wegman's Food Markets

"Best scones I've ever tasted" – Loch Jones

"Delicious! Best scone ever!" Kathleen Wilson

"People that love scones love these and people that HATE scones even love 'em!!!" - Sue (The Empress) Alsberg

"This is a delicious product – highly recommended from a BRIT!!  We know about scones!!!" - Audrey Cornish

"They're far better than any other commercial scone I've tried and they're physically attractive for pastry shop presentation."  David Clamage, owner, Buzz Fill 'er Up Coffee House.

"Enjoyed scones very much - moist not dry!  Will sell well." Nick Sugar,
Manager, Tattered Cover Book Store Coffee Shop.

"SCONES!…THE BOMBETTA!" Frank, Barista – Diedrich Coffee