Starbucks/Whole Foods Initiative

WANNA MAKE $50,000?

Help us get Jones Scones into Starbucks!!!

The goal is, and has always been, to have Jones Scones be the scone Starbucks pairs with their coffee. The CEOs of Starbucks and Whole Foods have both tried, enjoyed and sent hand signed notes about the excellence of Jones Scones. (Julia Child did too!!!)

It just makes sense to have an all-natural scone in Starbucks that is also sold in Whole Foods. I, mean, c''s kinda the same demographic and great cross branding. Plus...the CEOs know each other through Maveron, the nation's leading consumer-only VCs .

Jones Scones is fortunate to have the guidance and expertise of a food scientist who has designed scone programs for numerous national companies including Starbucks. We have also proven that Jones Scones will sell in Whole Foods where we have sold 10's of thousands of scones.


Here's THE DEAL:

The rock star who gets Jones Scones into Starbucks will receive $50,000. More specifically, this wonderful individual (or group of individuals) will receive 5% of the first year of sales in Starbucks capped at $50,000.

If you're the person we're looking for, email us @ with the caption Starbucks. We can't wait to hear from you...No really...we CAN'T wait. Hit us up!

Kindest regards,

J. Jones

Founder & Scone Slinger #1