Merry Christmas!!!

by John Jones |


We love to Spread the Love here at Jones Scones. The best part of this whole gig for me is seeing somebody's face light up when they taste our little bundles of deliciousness. If you can make somebody smile, even for a second, you've done some good. That's what I think anyway.

I'll hop on here and share stories about how we and others are spreading the love (charities, flash scone giveaways, random acts of good stuff...) and also share some great ways to enjoy Jones Scones. We'll have featured bloggers from some of the best coffee, tea and food blogs around the web. We'll feature new recipes and..yes...the occasional Shark Tank story. (I might even sing every once in while.)

I really hope people will find this blog and get the spirit of why I started Jones Scones. I just wanted to sing and have the freedom to pursue my life working with, and sharing, something that I love. Maybe I can show somebody else the way to freedom doing something they love. That's it. So...Spread the Love. Happy Holidays!


J. Jones, Founder & Scone Slinger #1

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